ProCS' Story

Professional Construction Services is an Auckland based construction company established in 1997 specialized in residential and commercial works servicing the Auckland wide region. Throughout the years, the company had built a strong reputation in the industry with its professional projects handling through; reliability, integrity, responsibility, and communication. ProCS is devoted to working closely with New Zealand’s main building suppliers in order to comply with the use of the right material in every part of the building.

Each project is achieved in support of dedicated professionals and highly skilled; Designer, Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, and Builders who put their heart and soul into every project. Indeed we pride ourselves in taking into account that business relationship is our main key factor where we ensure that the best service is delivered in the most cost and time-effective way.

Our Services

House Build

ProCS team takes pride in turning your dream house tailored to your preferred design into reality.

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ProCs build houses with bedrooms en-suite and walk-in wardrobe giving each occupant full privacy and space. The houses are of open plan design offering a natural lifestyle along with a good energy efficiency that works for less square footage or even large family homes. We design a layout that combines the dining room, kitchen, and living room into one integrated space providing great energy saving.

In addition to the above, the inside can be designed with natural lighting, insulation, and ventilation resulting a good clean indoor air quality. The workmanship quality and the use of the right material offer an extended lifespan of your home entailed by a 10 years guarantee.

Kitchen Remodeling

Give that kitchen an upgrade with an attractive and fresh new look design with stylish compact and large unit with endless storage.

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Bathroom full renovation

ProCS turns that limited bathroom space into an enjoyable shower or bath use after a long hard working day.

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ProCS build every bathroom with excellent waterproofing system entailed by the right choice of tiles for each space (floor, walls) giving it a very stylish and aesthetic look. We also design it the way our customers enjoy bath and shower in one modern and affordable unit. Regardless of the existing size of the bathroom, we provide a design that fits all the need of a bath in a limited space. In addition to the above we provide our clients with under floor heating and the right ventilation that is calculated from the bathroom volume.

Deck, fence and outdoor entertainment

We provide endless ideas and designs to suit your outdoor relax use and enjoyment, notwithstanding the increase of the house value that such change brings.

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