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Fence installation

fence installation auckland

Fence installation

The addition of a fence can be either necessary or purely decorative. There’s no need to sacrifice your outdoor decor: choose fence panels that will harmonize with the existing elements of your outdoor environment.
Versatile, durable and low-maintenance, treated-wood fences are very popular, as are composite fence panels. Installing fence panels is straightforward and doesn’t require specialized tools, aside from a posthole auger. Note, however, that digging post holes and pouring concrete is physically demanding work.
Determine your needs, then choose the location of your fence, the model you want and the materials you’ll need. We recommend you have someone to help you: this is definitely not a one-person job. 


By necessity or for decorative purposes, a fence can become part of your outdoor decor thanks to its stylish panels. This project, though not tool-intensive, is physically demanding. We’re happy to help!


Established guidelines relating to deck construction stipulate that the height of deck = height of railing.


Check if there is any possibility of sharing the cost with a neighbour. If not, be sure you install the fence on your side of the property line.


Install and complete all fence boards and gates with mounting hardware. Customer walk through and inspection. Clean up of job site.

Fencing installation auckland

To enjoy complete privacy in your backyard, a property fence is ideal. And if you’re well prepared, building a fence is a straightforward project that can be completed fairly quickly.

Before you undertake a project of this scale, it is important that you determine the cost involved and quantities of materials you’ll need. To do this, you need to know the perimeter of your property as well as the size of fence panels you’ve selected.

Building a fence: where to start?

Are you thinking about building a fence? Start by defining your needs, then choose the appropriate model, materials and location. Make sure your fencing project complies with municipal regulations and bylaws. Look into the possibility of sharing the costs with your neighbor.