Our work is an important source of pride for us, and we’d love for you to have a look at some of our latest efforts. As a professional construction provider, we committed to client satisfaction, you can rest assured you’re in good hands when you hire us. Choose quality. Choose Professional Construction Services.

Perhaps your bathroom is too crowded for your growing family? Or your kitchen is a chore to work in? Maybe you need an extra bedroom; or want to create a family-friendly living area? Then you’ll want to renovate, and ProCS is here to help!

We have a long history in Construction and project Management with experience in several different projects perfectly completed. Our staff follow the trend in construction with continual education on products, services, codes and standards.

Professional Construction Services offers a full range of construction services from initial design to project completion. We specialize in the retail and commercial sectors. 

Looking to remodel your bathroom? Or perhaps add another bath to your home? Let ProCS’ team of experienced bathroom remodeling specialist be the solution you are looking for in all of your lavatory needs.

Every home needs a personalized touch, especially the kitchen. At ProCS we specialize in providing an exceptional kitchen renovation experience. Our team of trained experts will go step by step over your options while identifying your kitchen needs before helping you add your own personal flare.

Are you thinking of having decking installed in Auckland but haven’t got a clue where to start? Are you flummoxed by all the different sizes, shapes, colors and extra features that you can add on? Does the thought of decking sound appealing but you think it would be too expensive to install?